George the frog is an extremely minor character and only appears briefly in the episode a father's watch.During the start of the episode he makes his way to frog heaven where an elderly frog shows sympathy and sadness towards George's death.Geroge ushers him that there nothing to worry about, as he was killed for education reasons, and they both stare down at earth where his dissection will begin.However,Geroge watches in horror as Bart Simpson,the young student who will be dissecting him mingles and plays around with his dead corpse.The elderly frog tries to calm George down by frequently making excuses that Bart fiddling around with his corpse is for an educational purpose.eventually,Geroge loses his cool after groundskeeper Willie flushes him down the toilet, and replies the the elderly frog with an impolite,"well are you going to put a goodman on that too, are hm?,well are you."This lead the elderly frog reply with an awkward ribbit,annoying George.

250px-George (frog)

George in frog heaven

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