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Ginger Flanders is Ned's Vegas wife whom he married after getting drunk while on vacation in Vegas with Homer. She and Amber were both cocktail waitresses.

When Homer and Ned got drunk at Las Vegas, Homer married Amber and Ned married Ginger after they both had served them their alcohol at a restaurant located in the Nero's Palace casino. Amber and Ginger later dumped them at the desert because they tried to escape.[1]

After Maude is accidentally killed by Homer, he mentions the waitresses they married in Las Vegas.[2]

Ginger and Amber later went to Springfield to stay with their husbands. Ginger left him because Ned, Rod, and Todd were too good (they flushed her cigarettes down the toilet and refused to provide her with Irish coffee).[3]

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Ginger has fluffy, light brown hair. She wears a red-purple dress, a necklace, and gold triangular-shaped earrings. She wears heavy blue eye-shadow and pink lipstick. She also wears a gold ring with a blue jewel (possibly a sapphire) on it.

She is not as promiscuous as Amber.


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