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The girl with glasses is a girl in Bart's class who always wears thin glasses.


The character normally wears a green shirt, blue jacket, white skirt, white socks and black shoes. She also wears a pair of thin, usually green glasses, but they are sometimes white. She has bob-cut light blue hair, but are sometimes brown, red or other colors.

Behind the Laughter

Being a background character, her appearance has not been fully finalized, so her hair color often changes dramatically between episodes.


  • She appears in the opening sequence in Dewey Largo's band classroom. She is hidden behind other children and the viewer can see she plays the flute. In the older opening sequence she appears next to the broken down school bus in the panoramic shot.
  • Despite playing the flute in the opening sequence, the character is usually shown playing the violin in scenes showing the school band in the show proper.

    Here she plays her flute


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