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The Globex Corporation is a company run by Hank Scorpio. Disguised as a friendly and innocent high-tech company, Globex is actually a front for an evil organization that Hank Scorpio tries to use to take over the East Coast of America.


Globex 4

The less criminal sections of Globex Corporation.

The Globex Corporation headquarters is located in Cypress Creek, a company town built to house the company's employees.

The "innocent" part of Globex Corporation shows that the work in Globex is very casual. The headquarters contains a fitness room, and employees are allowed to dress in casual wear. According to Hank, Globex Corporation does not believe in walls (only windows, as evident in the headquarters). There are also lots of greenery inside the headquarters.

The darker side of Globex Corporation is revealed in the form of a large "doomsday device" located in a large chamber under a mountain, which Hank attempted to use to take over the East Coast, which he does.

A reference was made to a Weather Control and Bacteriological Warfare division within the Globex Corporation.

You Only Move Twice 72

The Doomsday Machine

The headquarters is powered by its own nuclear generator, once managed by Homer Simpson, who was a temporary employee until his family wanted to leave.

The United States Army launched a full-scale assault on Globex Headquarters at the same time Homer requested Scorpio's advice on the above issue. Presumably, the attack failed, since the operation to take the East Coast was successful.


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Tapped Out

Non Canon Appearances[]

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Video Games[]

In The Simpsons: Hit and Run, on level 6, you can buy the Globex Super Villain Car.