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Gloria's Daughter is a girl, whose the daughter of Gloria.


In her most significant role during "White Christmas Blues", her family traveled to Springfield for a vacation.

They were unable to find a place to stay, so they stayed at the Simpsons' house, with her father paying three hundred dollars per day to stay at the house.

She never spoke throughout the episode, except for the end of the episode, where everyone sung Christmas carols. She played checkers with her younger brother. She also drew and colored a picture with Dakota, who was next to her.

The relationship between her two brothers is not known, but she appears to get along well with both of them. She got what appeared to be a book on Christmas day.

Behind the Laughter

She made her debut at Krustyland with her parents as they boarded a ride at the theme park. In her next appearance, she appeared at Towne Centre at Springfield Glenne with her mother and her older brother in "The D'oh-cial Network". It is likely she and her family live in Springfield.


She normally wears a white shirt, pink jumper, and pink shoes. She has dark brown hair like her mother and wears her hair in pigtails, using a pair of pink hair ties. She wears light pink pjs.


  • Her name is possibly Sharon, which is shown on one of the stockings Marge hung over the fireplace.



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