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Gloria's Older Son is a boy, who is the son of Gloria.

Behind the Laughter

In his first appearance he was seen at Towne Centre at Springfield Glenne with his mother and his sister. He didn't have a bigger role in the show until White Christmas Blues.

In the episode, his family traveled to Springfield. They were looking for a place to stay, since everywhere in town was booked, due to the enormous amount of tourists. His family stayed at the Simpson's house.

He never spoke throughout the episode, except for the end of the episode where he and his family sung Christmas carols. He played video games the entire time at the Simpson's house. He got what appeared to be a game on Christmas day.


He normally wears a light olive green colored shirt, green shorts, and red shoes. He has brown hair and wears a blue baseball cap. He wears light blue pjs.


  • His name may have been revealed in White Christmas Blues with the stockings. His name could be either Leonard or Lyle.
  • White Christmas Blues is the only time he's not seen wearing his hat.



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