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Gloria's Younger Son is a boy, who first appeared in The Good, the Sad and the Drugly. He is also the son of Gloria.

Behind the Laughter

In his first appearance he was being pushed on the swing by Jenny at school. He played a more significant role in "White Christmas Blues".

In the episode his family traveled to Springfield for the holidays. His family weren't able to find a place to stay, due to the many tourists that traveled to the town for the holidays.

His family stayed at the Simpson's house with other families. Unlike his older brother and sister, he never appeared with them in any prior episode.

He also never spoke in the episode, although he sung Christmas carols with everyone in the house at the end of the episode.

He appeared to get along with his siblings as his sister played checkers with him, while his older brother played video games. On Christmas day, he got a green pickup truck.


He wears a light green shirt, dark blue shorts, and red shoes. He has dark brown hair. He wore red pjs. His winter clothes consisted of a brown hat, blue sweater, and long orange pants.


  • This character wasn't seen with his family at the church.
  • It's possible his name is either Leonard or Lyle, which was shown on the stockings in the episode.



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