Gloria is a character, whose family spent Christmas at the Simpson's house.


Gloria and her family are tourists that came to Springfield during the events of "White Christmas Blues". They were unable to find a place to stay, so her husband asked Marge if they could stay at the house, which Marge agreed too.

She also helped her husband remind Marge that they're not passive aggressive. Prior and even after the events of that episode, Gloria and her family have appeared in various episodes as secondary characters, mostly seen in various areas in Springfield.


Initially, Gloria got along with Marge, but then she began to complain to Marge about the stockings not being hung properly near the chimney.

She also complained that the Christmas special on TV is terrible. She and the other families seemingly ordered Marge around throughout the days they stayed at the Simpson house.

Gloria even complained on Christmas day, which caused Marge to annoyingly tell her that her uncle died in the room she was staying in.

At the end of the episode Gloria and all the families that stayed at the Simpson's house sung Christmas carols with the Simpson family.


Gloria wears a pink shirt, magenta colored capri pants, and pink shoes. She has dark brown hair. She wore magenta colored hat and sweater. She also wears red lipstick and Magenta earrings.


  • It's strange Gloria and her family is traveling to Springfield, when they've been seen in Springfield many times prior to White Christmas Blues.
  • On her white shirt, she has blinky on it.

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