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Homer Looking at Map (Artwork).png This article is about Snake's ex-wife.

Are you looking for embittered spouse from Reverend Lovejoy's marrage counseling retreat, Gloria S.?

Gloria Jailbird (formerly Gloria Turley) is the wife of Snake Jailbird and the ex-fiancée of Mr. Burns.


After spending Flag Day at a wealthy social gathering and a strip club, Mr. Burns finds Gloria, who is a cop at that time, ticketing his car and asks her out on a date. She accepts, so Homer Simpson helps Mr. Burns in his dates, and later, Snake Jailbird attacks a bowling alley, and kidnaps Gloria (who is his ex-girlfriend) and Homer. Snake takes Gloria and Homer to his hideout. He ties Gloria up. Though Gloria says she loves Burns, Snake vows he can change. Homer tries to escape, but instead sets Snake's house on fire. Snake and Homer get out and Burns runs in to save Gloria (who can't get out because she is tied to a chair; Gloria then saves Burns). When she thinks of Snake, Gloria breaks up with Burns and becomes Snake's girlfriend again. Later, she is seen visiting Snake in prison.[1] Gloria also makes an appearance with Snake asking if Homer's "condos" are in a school district, while her stomach looks bigger, suggested that she is pregnant with what is presumed as Snake's baby (while Snake questions why she should "tell everybody").[2] She and Snake later get married.[3]