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Go Big or Go Homer
The Fat Blue Line

Go Big or Go Homer is the second episode of Season 31.


Homer is demoted to supervising interns, among whom is go-getter millennial Mike, a 35-year-old who asks Homer to be his mentor. However, when Homer inspires Mike to start a business of his own, the two find themselves being chased by the mob.


Nuclear plant workers are giving Lenny a surprise birthday party. Everyone signs a greeting card and gives $5 to the envelope. Just before Lenny, Mr. Burns comes to the party. Although he leaves no money for the jubilee, his signature covers the entire surface of the birthday card and spoils the surprise by wishing the employee wishes to everyone. Homer is furious all through the party.

Marge comforts him and helps him calm down. Then her breast pierces the swirl from Mr. Burns' signature. Homer wakes up screaming - it turns out that it was only a dream and he cannot reconcile with the boss's behavior.

The next day he goes to demand $5 from Burns. The billionaire gives him the required amount without thinking. When Homer leaves his office, Smithers accuses him of using Mr. Burns in a moment of weakness, because under the influence of drugs for thickening the skin, he becomes very gentle. As a punishment, Homer is relegated to a lower position: from now on he will have to supervise the work of interns. The new occupation is not the easiest one because young people laugh at the lecturer's ineptitude. Suddenly, red-haired boy Mike Wegman pleads for him, begging Homer to become his mentor. This word alone makes it feel appreciated. That's why he goes to Costington's with his family to buy a new tie. In the store, however, is ridiculed by everyone when the escalator grabs his pants.

Homer shows Mike around sector 7G. He finds out then that the boy is 35 years old; he is surprised why an adult dreams of working for a student. Mike tells him that he would like to start the way he did. He is convinced that his mentor enjoys the respect of all friends. Homer decides to invite him over for dinner to show his family the treatment he deserves.

Marge is not happy about Mike's visit because Homer tells her at the last minute. The boy comes to the Simpsons with his wife, Maurine; together they are expecting a child. At the table, Bart disregards the guest and his attachment to Homer; In response, Mike throws the boy insults. Upset, he runs away crying into the room. Marge throws Mike out the house, and advises Homer to help his pupil grow up.

Homer tries to encourage Mike to start making his own dreams come true. He learns that the boy wants to start a business and sell pizza pieces. Hoping that Mr. Burns is under the influence of drugs, Homer asks him to become a sponsor. When he refuses, Mike explodes again and insults the boss. In response, Burns aims at him from the merger.

Since Mike can't accept the idea that Homer is a bad mentor, he decides to prove to him at all costs that his advice was helpful to him. That's why he opens a pizza booth and drives up a new van to the Simpsons' house. However, it quickly becomes apparent that he bought it with money borrowed from Fat Tony, who demands settlement.

Escaping from the mafia, Homer and Mike are hiding in a car dump, right next to the food truck cemetery. Fat Tony and his associates surround the fugitives and prepare for execution. Suddenly, the godfather smells of mozzarella from Mike's van. Homer quickly distributes pizza pieces to his torturers. They decide that Mike will pay off the loan by running bookmakers simultaneously with the food track. The van stands in front of the power plant and in addition to the services mentioned above, it also sells marijuana. Fat Tony states that Homer is a great mentor.

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