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*{{ep|Thank God It's Doomsday}}
*{{ep|Thank God It's Doomsday}}
*{{ep|Pray Anything}}
*{{ep|Pray Anything}}
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== Notes and References ==
== Notes and References ==

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He is a force bigger than mom and dad put together, and you owe Him big.

God is the Almighty Ruler of the Universe. He once attempted to flood Springfield, but stopped when Reverend Lovejoy showed the Springfieldians that God was the path to good, and also once chose to end the world. This time, He was stopped by Homer Simpson, who requested Him to turn back time and leave the apocalypse off for a few years. God has two aides, Colonel Sanders and Buddha, although he is seen with Jesus in Heaven. In an interesting side note, SpongeBob once appeared in Heaven alongside Buddha and Jesus. In one episode when asked if they should help someone, SpongeBob replied with a wave of the hand and said "screw 'em". God's voice appeared when Homer and Barney decide to join forces and Homer says "Not even God can stop us now!" After this God replies, "Oh No?" and dries up all the snow. It is also implied once that God has a tendency to cause train wrecks[1]


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The Simpsons Game

God serves as the final boss to The Simpsons. He uses previous enemies encountered as icons in a "Guitar Hero"/"Dance Dance Revolution" match, while the chosen song ("Rock you Like a Hurricane", by the Scorpions) plays. As the whole family, you have to make them hit the notes in a correct time to break the game stations and defeat the minions he sends. They will change when the station is broken. Each station is a parody of a popular videogame console (ie: Praystation is a parody of Playstation and the I Am is a parody of the Wii)[2].

Simpsons Bible Stories

God is also portrayed by Ned Flanders' hand[3].

Thank God It's Doomsday

Homer met God to say a word about family, but even Heaven is top notch destination, although Homer can't enjoy being in Heaven knowing that his family is suffering. On God's desk there are three pictures, God with Marilyn Monryo and Lincoln. God said He understands about family suffering because His son lived on Earth once, but He doesn't know what happened and he hasn't been the same since[4]

Because Homer riots all the time he is in Heaven, God consults Homer about the problem. Homer asks God to undo the rapture and await another time. God then agrees, but Homer ask God to do something else when He's undone the Apocalypse, where he must be shown as the Last Supper.


  • In most of God's appearances in the various Simpsons media, his face is covered up (presumably deliberately). There were, however, two instances where his face was fully seen; in the opening of Treehouse of Horror XVI, and in the frame Ned Flanders turns round in Alone Again, Natura-Diddly.
  • God has 5 fingers whereas other characters have 4.


God makes an appearance in the HD version of the opening credits and the edited version he dances to Tik Tok.

Notes and References

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