Godfrey Jones is the host of the tabloid news program Rock Bottom.


Homer was accused of sexually harassing babysitter Ashley Grant, when in reality he was only trying to grab a Gummi Venus de Milo that was stuck to her pants. After this, Homer was picketed by protesters who labeled him as a monster. Homer received a call from Jones (who introduced himself by saying, "Homer, this is God.... frey Jones") who said he wanted to help. Homer was interviewed by Jones, but Rock Bottom heavily edited the interview to make it look like Homer was admitting to "grabbing her sweet can" and did its best to make Homer look evil.

In the end, Homer was proven innocent, Jones apologized, and the show posted a long list of corrections, among them a retraction of the show's sexual harassment accusation against Homer. However, in spite of the apology and corrections, Jones continued to lie on behalf of the show.


Godfrey Jones is married, but it is hinted that his marriage may be in trouble. One of the Rock Bottom corrections says "Godfry Jones' wife is cheating on him" (with "Godfrey" misspelled).


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