Godzilla (1954) is a Japanese monster movie, directed by Ishiro Honda, starring the giant monster Godzilla. This movie spawned several sequels including a flopped American remake in 1998 and an upcoming American reboot along with two cartoon series.

Matt Groening is a fan of the original Japanese film series.

References in the show

In the "Treehouse of Horror VI" episode "Attack of the 50 foot Eyesores", after Homer steals the Lard Lad's giant doughnut, he gets struck by lightning and comes to life. Then, he pulls his feet off the ground and stomps into the middle of the street, and emits Godzilla's trademark roar.

In Faith Off when Homer was thinking of a float for his college homecoming, one of Homer's idea's was Godzilla and Superman. Lisa said "I think Godzilla is bigger than Superman".

In "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" the family's flight home is briefly interrupted by a monster attack on Tokyo, featuring Godzilla and other Japanese film monsters: Gamera, Rodan, and Mothra.

In Wedding for Disaster Marge takes the form of Godzilla after Homer calls her Bridezilla and she calls him King Wrong and he takes the form of King Kong.

In the 1998 American Movie Remake Godzilla, several Simpsons voice actors such as Nancy Cartwright (as a news worker), Hank Azaria (as Victor "Animal" Pilotti), and Harry Shearer (as Charles Caiman) appeared in the movie

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