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The Golem of Prague was a Golem created by a Jewish priest around the year 1600 out of clay to deal with people protesting against him. He did whatever was written on a scroll and placed into his mouth. Years later, he ended up in Krusty's possession.


Bart found the Golem when trying to find Krusty to complain about his acid-spitting Krusty alarm clock. He placed a note in the Golem's mouth after being told by Krusty what it could do and told the Golem to come to his house at midnight. It is then that Bart found out the true destructive power of the Golem.

Bart used the Golem to attack the bullies and kill Skinner. Lisa, however, didn't think the Golem liked killing people and put a scroll saying "speak" into its mouth. After growling, it told of how he hated killing people, so Lisa was right.

Marge and Lisa created a Female Golem to be its mate out of Play-Doh and Lisa put a scroll into its mouth with "Live" written on it. The Golem then got married to the Female Golem in a Jewish wedding after bribing off the police for his murders.

Behind the Laughter

  • The statue itself seems to be canon as it was seen in the Simpsons loft in "The Color Yellow" (though it may have been a simple homage as items from other episodes are seen, such as Homer Simpson's Mr. Plow jacket).
  • His appearance is based on the appearance of the Golem used in German actor/director Paul Wegener's 1915-1920 Der Golem trilogy.

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