Adventures in Baby-Getting
Gone Abie Gone
Carl: Banks are not as safe as they used to be.
Lenny: Yeah, when you give the bank your money, they lend it to other people! I saw a Sesame Street about it once. Kermit was wearing his trench coat and everything!
Homer: Wait. The frog in the trench coat is Kermit, too?
Lenny: All the frogs on that show are Kermit. Keeps all the other frog actors out of work.
(Homer sees a sign in the Gulp 'n' Blow drive-thru, promoting their healthy choices)
Homer: Pushy sign, don't tell me what to try.
(A thought bubble with Marge in it appears.)
Memory of Marge: Homer, Dr. Hibbert told you to eat healthier.
Homer: I don't recall that.
Memory of Marge: Well, I do.
(A thought bubble with Dr. Hibbert in it appears.)
Memory of Dr. Hibbert: Eat healthier!
(A thought bubble with Bernice Hibbert in it appears.)
Memory of Bernice: You too, Julius. I heard you were at Loretta's Diner on Catfish Friday.
Memory of Dr. Hibbert: How do you know that? You got your brother following me?
Memory of Bernice: Chester needs a job!
Memory of Dr. Hibbert: I paid him to build a shed! Where is my shed, Bernice?!
(Marge's bubble backs away from the argument and next to Homer.)
Homer: (covering Marge's ears while talking to the drive-thru intercom) One onion rings, please.

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