Mr. Lisa's Opus
Gone Boy
Haw-Haw Land
Bart: Nothing good ever comes from trying.

Nelson: Oh, I give up. If you find Bart, give me his lunch money.
Milhouse: I'm never giving up.
Nelson: Why not?
Milhouse: Because searching forever is much easier than me finding a new friend.
[Milhouse starts leaving]
Nelson: I could be your new friend.
[Milhouse stops on the spot]
Milhouse: What was that?
Nelson: Nothing!

Sideshow Bob: No! That can't be! (sobs) Lord, why do you kill things that I want to kill?! Take me now, vile rake! (steps on a rake repeatedly)

Shaq: You're scaring me. I don't have any money.

Bart: So, why'd you save us?
Sideshow Bob: Because I realized I don't want to kill you anymore.
[Bob then gives Bart a hug]
Bart: Milhouse, is there a knife in my back?
Milhouse: Not that I can see.
[Bart gives Bob a hug too]
Sideshow Bob: Milhouse, is there a "kick me" sign on my back?
[Milhouse checks behind Bob]
Milhouse: Not that I can see.
Bart: Aw!
Sideshow Bob: (chuckles)
[Both Bob and Bart happily gave each other a hug]

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