On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister
Goo Goo Gai Pan
Mobile Homer
(Mr. Burns runs over the Cat Lady, Comic Book Guy and Hans Moleman)
Hans Moleman: At least I'm out doing things.

(At the Counsulate of China)
Clerk: And don't forget--your husband must go with you to China to pick up the baby.
Selma: All right, here I go…Writing the name…(Struggling to keep her composure as she writes Homer's name on the form)
Clerk: Excellent! You are Mrs. Homer Simpson. He is your soul mate and lover.
Selma: Yes…Homer Simpson is my whole world…I love him! (Sarcastically disgusted)
(Moments later at the nuclear plant cafeteria with Carl and Lenny, Homer shudders)
Homer: Oooh, I just felt a chill go through my very soul.
Lenny: Yeah, those Sloppy Joes will do that.

(The family is about to leave the hospital)
Homer: Come on kids, we should go. Goodbye, Selma. (Covers her with a blanket)
Selma: I'm not dead, idiot!
Homer: I know. That was for the other patients. (Selma punches him in the crotch) OW!!! Oooh, oooh, OWWW!!! My thingies!

(At a Krusty Fried Chicken cart)
Madam Wu: You shall be back in the land you love soon. Tomorrow we'll give you your baby.
Selma: Oh, my God! Really? My life begins at last!
Madam Wu: That is quite an insult to your other children.
Bart: We understand, ma'am. We're pretty lousy kids.

Marge: Selma, I didn't realize you wanted a child so badly.
Selma: I didn't want to get pregnant and lose my looks.
(Homer hides his laughter.)

Robert Wagner: (In the video) So let's all give menopause a round of men-applause. "Men-aplause?!?" I'm not saying that!

Dragons: (singing Chinese opera style) American Jerks are going home...Now we sleep for a thousand years...When we wake the world will end...

Madam Wu: Lisa, soon you will have a Chinese baby sister who will surpass you academically.
Lisa: I don't know about that. I'm considered pretty smart.
Madam Wu: Well, Tibet was considered pretty independent. How'd that work out?
Lisa: (Gasps) How dare you make light of that brutal…
Marge: (Restrains her) Mind your manners, Lisa.
Madam Wu: Such loving discipline. Maybe someday, someone will love you too, childless servant. (Marge makes a restrained angry growl)

Bart: What the hell's menopause?
Homer: Son, menopause is when the stork that brings babies gets shot by drunken hunters.

Pilot: If you look out the left side of the aircraft, you will see our monument to warrior, and spicy chicken pioneer, General Gou.
Homer: Wow, it makes Lincoln Memorial look like crap.

Madam Wu: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on Wu!

Homer: Wow, the fortune cookies here really are more accurate.
(Homer reads fortune that says "We will take Selma's baby.")

Fake Bart: Feast on my shorts, stupid father man.

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