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I thought Googling yourself meant the other thing.
―Marge Simpson[src]

Google is an online real world search engine which was used by Marge Simpson in one episode.


Marge searched for herself using Google. The 629,000 results, The visible ones were:

Springfield Shopper review of backyard of popsicle stick exhibit by local artist Marge Simpson(hidden)notable townspeople... shows more ambition than innate talent... Police's Chief's son hospit(hidden)popsicle stick version of self...

Merit Badges: Crossing legs, folding sweaters, stiffing gas, passing hors d' oeuvres... Cabi(hidden)"Bancroft"... Father's Occupation: Braniff Flight Attendant...

Real Estate License: EXPIRED... Properties Sold:0... Properties Listed:1... Fellow employees(hidden)"Cookie" Kwan, "Boo-Yah!" Guy... profile of dynamic Tennessee politician... Former Lady Vols power forwar(hidden)in tornado of 1978, frequently spotted on foggy nights...


It is revealed that in 2041, Google has enslaved half of the world, but, according to Lisa, is still a "damn fine search engine". There is also a Google building in Ultranet.

Behind the Laughter

  • Google is a real website and the most popular online search engine in the world.
  • Google Naps is a parody of Google Maps.