Google is a search engine that has become common sites for people to look up information that they need.


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In Holidays of Future Passed, while in the Ultranet looking for Zia, Lisa locates the search engine to find her. She searched for 'Zia Simpson', then said 'Bingo', which comes up with two more results. She then said 'Argh' as a statement of irritation which brings up one more result. Lisa mentioned that it was still a "damn good" search engine despite it enslaving half the world.

Google - Building 2


  • When Lisa first comes to see the building, the logo is decorated with Dr. Seuss characters supposedly a Google Doodle celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. However, while the episode is shown to take place around Christmas time, his actual birthday is on the 2nd of March.
    • He may have changed his birthday.
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