Goosius is the mascot of the Golden Goose company and the pet of Jay G.


When Homer and Mr. Burns crash Jay G's party at his mansion, Homer meets Goosius and was surprised to find out that Goosius eats food the same way he does, without swallowing. Happy to see Homer, Goosius bites him, beginning their friendship.

Goosius went everywhere with Jay G, Burns and Homer, and will always sit with Homer, often biting him. He also starred in Jay G's music video for his song "Monty Burnt".

When Mr. Burns runs out of money and Jay G took all of his stuff away, Homer tried to plead with Goosius in order to stay friends with him, but Goosius ignored Homer and doesn't bite him. Eventually, Burns and Homer get revenge on Jay G by planning to kidnap Goosius and cook him. When Jay G finds out that Goosius is gone, he storms over to the Burns Manor and finds Mr. Burns eating a cooked goose. However, Homer then runs out with Goosius chasing and biting him as he couldn't bring himself to kill his friend. Burns then tried to kill Goosius himself, but because of Goosius' attitude, he failed to do so.[1]


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Goosius recently appeared in The Simpsons: Tapped Out as a premium limited time non-playable character that comes with Jay G's Mansion, Jay G's pool and Jay G himself as part of The Great Phatsby promotion.



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