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Gort is a fictional robot from the 1951 movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still", he spent his time defending his partner, Klatuu.

Personality & Appearance

Gort was created at eight feet (2.4384 meters) tall, and a light gray metal complexion, he also has a visor, that can shoot laser beams if he wants. Gort is emotionless, he conveys his feelings in his actions, and Gort despite not having a face, he is not mindless, and can understand people such as Klaatu.


Gort accompanied Klaatu on a mission to bring an ultimatum to the Earth. As they would arrive, Klaatu walks out of the saucer, offering a device (later stated to become gift for the President that allowed him to study life on the other planets) It's mistaken as a weapon and soldier who shoots Klaatu. As soldiers surround Klaatu, Gort appears, having sneaked out of the ship. He starts destroying all of the military's stuff, and took Klaatu, to the hospital.

Though out the entire movie, Gort guards the saucer, near the end of the movie, Klaatu is shot, and dies. Gort remains by his side until they leave the Earth, although not before Klaatu tells the people of Eartha about the ultimatum. The interplanetary confederation isn't worried with internal human politics; however, if humans threatened to use atomic weapons against the other planets, the Earth would be blown up for the safety of the other planets.

In the Simpsons

Gort is in a lineup of aliens on the Springfield Files, and makes cameos in multiple other episode.


There was a remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still", and Gort was much more evil and aggressive in it.