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Grand Theft Scratchy is the twelfth level of The Simpsons Game. To open the door of the creator's mansion, the Simpsons look for the four keycards in the four worlds created by the creator. This world is the video game "Grand Theft Scratchy" and Marge and Lisa decide to clean it up.


After the level "Bargain Bin" is completed, four more levels open up at the game engine. These can be taken in any order but, following the story, this is the next level. It is also the first level in which Lisa can use the "Hand of Buddha"'s lightning and freeze": she can electrocute enemies with a thunder and freeze them to turn them into an ice block and drop it on more enemies.

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The second portal transports Marge and Lisa to the game "Grand Theft Scratchy", which was previously stopped from being sold to kids thanks to Marge. Marge sees all the dirty buildings, mice pimps, cat prostitutes and gang wars between cats and mice, so she decides to clean the game up getting rid of all the bad things. Marge recruits dogs trapped in boxes and orders them to fix and clean all the dirty buildings, while fighting Itchy and Scratchy. They manage to clean up the houses at the end of the street, the shops and a gas stop, which makes a Buddha statue appear. Marge orders her mob of dogs to step on an elevator, so Lisa can use Buddha's Hand to elevate the platform.

They get to a broken freeway and destroy the support cables to make a portion of the street fall to the water. They get to the other side of the island and start fixing more buildings, including a gun shop, turned into a museum, a sign claiming a dog being a bad mayor, to a "Vote for" sign. A half of a building fell to the water, so Lisa picks it up and drops it to the basement using Buddha's Hand. A radio station called "Wuuf" is fixed when Marge places Maggie into a duct and she steers to a button that fixes the building completely, changing the music it's playing from a constantly thumping gangsta rap beat to a chorus of "That's What Friends Are For". Once all the buildings are fixed, Lisa uses Buddha's Hand to build a bridge to the other island: she freezes some enemies and drops the ice blocks to the water to solidify it, then she drops a portion of the freeway and a Poochie sign on the water to finish the improved bridge.

They cross the bridge and fix another gun shop, turned into an ice cream shop, and two gun trucks, turned into ice cream trucks. Poochie, while rapping, sees this and sends his prostitutes to destroy the trucks. Lisa protects them by dropping burning barrels on the prostitutes. Once she defeats three waves, Marge sends her dogs to destroy Poochie's stage. Hillary Clinton later appears to thank Marge and Lisa, but a sign of the ice cream shop falls and crushes her. Marge and Lisa take the "Poochie keycard" from the senator's bag and walk away.

Grand Theft Scratchy characters

Lisa using Buddha's Hand to prevent the cats from destroying the ice cream trucks, in a similar gameplay to Missile Command

  • Marge: Marge is one of the playable characters, she can jump, kick, place Maggie into crawlspaces and use her megaphone to honk and stun enemies and tell her mob to destroy, build, fix things and to step on platforms. She can also turn into "Police Marge" (only Xbox and PS3 versions).
  • Lisa: Lisa is one of the playable characters, she can jump, kick, play her saxophone to stunt enemies and use Buddha's Hand to pick up and drop big things and to electrocute or freeze enemies. She can also turn into "Clobber-Girl" (only Xbox and PS3 versions).
  • Maggie: Maggie can be placed into crawlspaces by Marge so she can steer to certain places.
  • Dogs: they can be recruited to Marge's mob and are trapped inside boxes.
  • Itchy and Scratchy: enemies throughout the level, they come from vans and can wield machine guns to shoot from afar.
  • Itchy pimps: they are pimp Itchys who don't attack you unless you attack them. They just walk around.
  • Cat prostitutes: they are cats walking around who don't attack you unless you attack them. They can hit you with their bags or come with bombs. They are later sent by Poochie to destroy the ice cream trucks.
  • Poochie: he is rapping on a scenario, which is later destroyed by Marge's dogs.
  • Hillary Clinton: She is the senator who appears to meet Marge and Lisa but is crushed by a sign.


  • The name and setting of the level are an obvious parody and reference to the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise.
    • The cul-de-sac the level begins at is most likely a reference to Grove Street, a cul-de-sac with a similar design and a location prominently featured in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas".
    • Poochie's t-shirt is a reference to the logo of GTA developers Rockstar Games.
    • There is a "Caninewood" sign which references the "Vinewood" sign that appeared in the fictional city of Los Santos which is a parody of Los Angeles.
    • The overall gang warfare setting references the first part of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • On the game's box, Helen Lovejoy seems to be getting run over.
  • In a scene at the beginning there are some cats in a red lowrider that shoots at blue mice. This could be referencing the Bloods and Crips Gang wars in the 1990s although it may be a coincidence.
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