Grand Theft Scratchy
Medal of Homer


Comic Book Guy's video game clichés:

  • Enemy Spawners: (only PS2 and Wii versions) destroy one of the enemy vans to get this cliché. "Infinite bad guys from a small door. Way to rip off the clown car".
  • The Road to Nowhere: (only PS2 and Wii versions) approach the broken freeway leading to the water. "If only this game was as mercifully short as this puny road!"
  • Infinite Ledge Hanging: (only PS3 and Xbox versions) stand hanging from the ledge at the construction. "Right, like your finger can hang on forever. FAKE!"


  • Grand Theft Scratchy is an obvious parody of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto video game series.
  • The place where Grand Theft Scratchy takes place is "Caninewood". The starting "cul de sac" street is similar to "Grove Street", one of the main places in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • The whole city is conformed by islands, like most of the Grand Theft Auto games.
  • Lisa has to stop the cat prostitutes from destroying the ice cream trucks by dropping burning barrels on them using Buddha's Hand, with the camera on top. This is a reference to the old video game Missile Command.
  • Grand Theft Scratchy, along with "Medal of Homer", are the only two stages not present in the Nintendo DS version.
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