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Grand Theft Walrus is an arcade game seen being played by Homer in The Simpsons Movie. Also appears in episode 500 ("At Long Last Leave") in the background when Marge and Homer sneak into the bowling alley. As indicated by the title, it involves a Walrus doing various crimes in a city block, including drive-by shootings.


  • This arcade game is a parody of Grand Theft Auto.
    • The dancing penguin that was seen killed by the titular Walrus was a parody of the character from Happy Feet and its sequel.
  • In Let's Go Fly a Coot you can see "Grand Theft Walrus II" in the background when Bart goes out to buy e-cigarette cartridges for Annika Van Houten at the Kwik-E-Mart.
  • In Pay Pal, an icon to this game is seen in Homer's cellphone, indicating there is a mobile version of it.


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