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Hello, Joe.
―Grandma Flanders[src]

Winifred Elizabeth "Bessie" Flanders (Born 1892) (née Trout) was the extremely old parental grandmother of Ned Flanders. She first appeared in the flashback episode "Lisa's First Word".


She appeared when a young Bart was staying with the Flanders family while Marge was giving birth to Lisa. He was running down a hallway when he ran into her and she nearly frightened him to death. She then called Ned ("Joe") and asked him to help her with her psalms.

Grandma Flanders reappeared in a flashback sequence in the season 26 episode "The Kids Are All Fight". She was left responsible for babysitting Bart and Lisa along with Rod and Todd while their parents went to brunch together. She appeared to die, leaving the children unsupervised, but at the end of the episode, it's revealed that she just barely survived.



  • She looks quite different in "Flanders' Book of Faith" than in series.
  • In 2016, Yeardley Smith hinted on her Twitter that the character might come back, and that she's called Bessie Flanders.[2]



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