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Grant Connor is a professional hunter in a wooden hut in Springfield Forest.


He kills almost any animal, and stuffs it to use it as an everyday object. His chair is a lion and a tiger, his footstool is a baby hippo and has penguin cups. He also eats butterflies or shoots up in the sky and hits an eagle to eat for lunch, which he puts in a sandwich. Grant first recorded a scared Homer running away from a bear and sent it to a show with Kent Brockman and told Kent he got confused between a camera and a gun at a wedding once. He put a tracking device on the bear so Homer could easily track him down. Homer then finds the bear, but he has to get it to a safe area, on the way to the safe area Grant was one of the people ready to shoot the bear, believing it was not friendly.

Grant Connor recently appeared in The Simpsons: Tapped Out as a limited time premium character during The Most Dangerous Game 2016 event. He comes with the Springfield Hunting Supplies building and is unlocked upon completion of the building.