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Graphic Novel Kid was the cousin and best friend of Comic Book Guy.


Graphic Novel Kid was Comic Book Guy's best friend when they were kids and would pretend to be superheroes or read comic books after each other. However, one day, Comic Book Guy wouldn't let Graphic Novel Kid read the last copy of Radioactive Man 1, thus breaking up their friendship.

Later, Comic Book Guy competed with Graphic Novel Kid in a competition to be the new Lard Lad spokesmodel. Eventually, Graphic Novel Kid won the competition, but when he drove away with his prize, his car exploded and Graphic Novel Kid died.

Later, when it was revealed that Comic Book Guy was buried alive, Lisa revealed that not only Graphic Novel Kid never died in his car's explosion, but he also tricked Comic Book Guy into the cemetery, knocked him out unconscious and buried him in Graphic Novel Kid's own tomb. He then proceeded to take over CBG's role, but when he began to spend his money at an auction, he killed himself in greed.

When Comic Book Guy returns to his store with almost all of his comics still there, he finds Graphic Novel Kid's favorite comic book, "Tales From the Vampire Warlock's Creepy Grave of Terror", and found out that Graphic Novel Kid copied the whole saga from that comic book, making Comic Book Guy feel so sorry for what he did to Graphic Novel Kid when he was younger.