Gravedigger Billy is Groundskeeper Willie's cousin who is a gravedigger at the cemetery next to 742 Evergreen Terrace.


He had his occupation for thirty years and walked with a limp with his face being identical to Willie's. He has a beard and hair identical to Willie's with the exception of it being white and a glass eye or cataract in his left eye socket. He wears a light blue water proof trench coat and rain hat, blue pants and black boots. Just like Willie, he talks with a thick Scottish accent. He buries a man alive and steals his watch and when his hand sprang up above the grave, whacked his hand with his shovel.

He once tricked Willie into going into the cemetery saying there's a pot of gold in what was in fact an empty grave and attacked Willie with a baseball bat when he peers into it. Although it's implied he tried to kill him, since Willie appears in later episodes, he obviously didn't.


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