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The Great Son is a boy who first appeared at Mr. Burns' picnic in "There's No Disgrace Like Home".


In his first appearance, he was one of the many children at Mr. Burns' picnic. He was shown to get along well with his sister and seemed to have a positive relationship with both of his parents.

However, he and his family appeared at Dr. Monroe's Family Therapy Center. They were seen fleeing when the Simpsons drew too much power from the building.

This character is usually seen in the background at school. He would be one of several kids seen at Uncle Homer's Daycare Center.

He was eventually revealed to be a fourth grader in "Stealing First Base". He also played a minor role in the same episode.

In the episode he met Wendell. At first he wasn't too excited to meet Wendell, much less sit with him. However, by the end of the episode he and Wendell became friends.


Because he's a background character his appearance isn't finalized. When he first appeared, he wore a light blue shirt, red shorts, and red shoes.

He also had brown hair. In his recent appearances, he wears a light blue shirt, blue grayish shorts, gray socks, and brown shoes.

He usually has brown hair. In some episodes, he was seen with brown skin. He also wore blue swimming trunks with white flowers on them. [1]


  • He's one of several kids that appeared at Dylan's birthday party.
    • It's not known what his relationship with Dylan is, but it's possible he may have met her/him when he was a toddler.
  • Some episodes he was seen with brown skin. This is likely an error.




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