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Greek Gods Couch Gag
Bart gets the remote

The Greek Gods Couch Gag is the couch gag, used in the episode Havana Wild Weekend.


The couch is made out of clouds, and is resting on top of a heavenly plain of more clouds, in a Greek Mythology environment. The Simpsons are all dressed as Greek Gods (Bart as Hermes, Maggie as Artemis, Lisa as Athena, Homer as Zeus and Marge as Hera) and they all magically fly onto the couch, except for Lisa, who's apparently missing. They all look around for her and Lisa suddenly rips out of Homer's head, reading Homer's Odyssey. However, this leaves Homer with a hole in his head. Homer then taken Maggie's pacifier out of her mouth and puts it in the hole in his head, which then sucks her pacifier, making the same sounds as Maggie does with her traditional pacifier sucking.


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