Grizzly Shawn is one of the gay men who appeared in Flaming Moe. He frequently asked Moe if he'd come to gay events, such as Krusty's gay parade and a sing along. The name Grizzly Shawn probably stems from his hairy appearance and such gay men are called bears. He was supposedly aroused when Mr. Burns called "first squeeze" for a lemon party.

He was later "adopted" by Julio and Grady. (Julio claimed that he and his partner had "already adopted a baby!" when they were asked to be the Simpsons children's guardians in "Changing of the Guardian", but Shawn appeared dressed up as a baby immediately after.)

He also appeared as a lumberjack in The Burns Cage.

He later attended grown up Halloween with Dewey Largo, and Waylon Smithers, Jr. dressed in kimonos in Halloween of Horror.


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