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Growing Up Springfield was a documentary produced by and starring Declan Desmond. It followed many residents of Springfield from the time they were in Springfield Elementary School to the time they were adults. Declan comes back to see his subjects, including Homer and Marge, every 8 years.


Eleanor Abernathy

Eleanor Abernathy was a very clever child. She went to Yale where she studies medicine and law. She had jobs in both as she grew up. She later became tired with work and ended up getting a cat then more and more until she became known as the "Crazy Cat Lady" around Springfield.

Lenny Leonard

Lenny's stories were very boring and Declan didn't like interviewing him much then soon stopped because they knew he would be boring. Lenny finally caught up with Declan in the present thinking Declan just forgot. He gets mad when he realises Declan just didn't want to waste film on him and insists that he is interesting.

Moe Szyslak

Declan followed Moe from school to when he became a bartender as well as increasingly ugly over the 8 year gaps.

Homer Simpson

Homer told Declan as a child that he wanted to become a millionaire and that he would do so. Every 8 year gap, he seemed to be getting worse and worse until suddenly, Homer was a millionaire living in a mansion with lots of money. Homer had apparently created the condiment pen which had got him where he was. This was all a scam by Homer though and he was actually just using Mr. Burns summerhouse.

Marge Simpson

Declan followed Marge as she became an amateur photographer that didn't go too far. She eventually got married to Homer and had kids.

Clancy Wiggum

Clancy Wiggum was a simple officer when he started giving massages with his pistol. This eventually led to him giving Mayor Quimby a massage and he was promoted to chief after this.


  • Whilist Homer is beign interviewed after Bart is a toddler and Lisa is a newborn, if the viewer were to observe the photos they could see Lisa when she is in second grade.
  • Maggie Simpson isn't born yet and you can see her photo behind the younger family.