Gulp 'n' Blow is a fast food restaurant in Springfield that also offers drive-thru service. Among the items on their menu are tacos and onion rings.

Homer Simpson worked at the Gulp 'n' Blow when he and Marge were newlyweds and she was pregnant with Bart. Unable to provide for Marge (and having been turned down at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant), Homer moved out of her parents' house (where they were staying), got the job at the Gulp 'n' Blow, and sent his pay to her in order to support her and his unborn son. Homer quit at the Gulp 'n' Blow when Marge visited him at work and let him know that she loved him no matter how much he was earning. With his self-confidence restored, Homer re-applied at the nuclear plant, this time successfully.[1]

In Krusty Gets Kancelled, Sideshow Mel worked here during the time after the show had been cancelled but before the comeback special aired, and initially refused to work for Krusty again, and claimed that his new boss was much nicer and more respectful to him than Krusty ever was. Also, during Krusty and Mel's conversation, Krusty questioned Mel whether he really wanted to "waste [his] life hanging out with a bunch of dorky teenagers."[2]

In Gone Abie Gone Homer went to the Drive Thru and ordered Onion Rings that revealed Jeremy Freedman worked there, but while he was trying to cook Homer's order a girl who also worked there asked if she could borrow 10 bucks from the cash register. Then a man complained that a homeless man was giving himself a sink bath. Then Milhouse's karate team came and wanted food. Then the homeless man came out holding a Krusty Burger happy meal in front of his "Man Area" and asked if they had any scented candles. This caused Jeremy to get so confused that he took the extremely hot Onion Rings and threw them at Homer causing him to get third-degree burns. Homer sued them for the burns but instead of them paying $5,000 for the burns Krusty had to pay for them because his lawyer wasn't there.


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