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The Gulp 'N' Blow waitress is a teenaged girl who works as a waitress at Gulp 'n' Blow.


She asks Jeremy Freedman if she can borrow ten dollars from the cash register as she has to get drunk before she goes to a party. She is also seen playing with one of her hair strands.

Physical Appearance

The Gulp 'N' Blow waitress has long toffee blonde hair that reaches close to her waist. She wears a magenta crop top that exposes her midriff, a white short-sleeved shirt over it, blue pants, and gray/white sneakers.



  • Based on her age, it is hinted that she is a university student or a postgraduate as she reveals that she is old enough to drink alcohol.
  • She looks similar to the Teenage Babysitter, but it is unknown whether they are related or not.