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Weekend at Burnsie's
Gump Roast
I Am Furious Yellow
Dr. Hibbert: (as Darth Vader) Luke! I am your father. (laugh)
Moe: Yeah, shaggadelic.

Kang: Things started out great! I ate what my mother ate and my mother loved chili!

Kodos: Ooh! Burt Reynolds and Michael Jeter!
Kang: Could an "Evening Shade" reunion be in the works?

Kang: (about Maggie) This baby thinks of nothing but trendy Hollywood celebrities.
Kodos: We can learn much from your species.

Grampa: I first met Homer in 1927 in a bar in Brooklyn. Little did I know that he would soon become Mrs. Joe DiMaggio.

Grampa:Sweet Toledo! What's keepin' that dress on?
Sideshow Mel: [standing up and shouting] The collective will of everyone in this room!

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