Weekend at Burnsie's
Gump Roast
I Am Furious Yellow

Cultural references

  • The opening act spoofs Forrest Gump, including the falling feather. The episode's title is also a reference to the movie.
  • When Mr. Burns steps toward the podium, The Imperial March, Darth Vader's theme from Star Wars, is heard. This has been use as a semi-official piece of theme music for Mr. Burns before. In the same episode, Dr. Hibbert is dressed like Darth Vader.
  • In this episode, Kang asserts that the Earth was created 5,000 years ago by God, and Kang and Kodos then make the sign of the Cross. This is an apparently satirical reference to Young Earth creationism.
  • At the beginning of the clip show song at the end of the episode, there is a picture of Homer jumping the shark, which is a term that describes when a television show has reached its peak and is now declining in quality or has done something to cause a sudden decline in quality. The term is a reference to an episode of Happy Days in which Fonzie literally jumped a shark.
  • Agnes Skinner wears the same dress that Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammy Awards in 2000.
  • The song sung at the end is a take-off on Billy Joel's song "We Didn't Start the Fire".
  • Krusty mentions Mark Spitz couldn't be there and has sent a telegram. Lisa asks "Who's Mark Spitz?" and Bart then asks "What's a telegram?"


  • Due to negative reviews on the episode, this is the last episode and the final time the series would do a full clip show episode. According to the Season 13 DVD commentary, the writers dropped the idea of clip show episodes in favor of the anthology episodes (where each act has three or four stories, for example: the Treehouse of Horror series). From season 14 onwards, no more clip shows were done after this episode.
  • NRBQ sing the clip show song at the end of the episode.
  • This is one of the few Film Roman episodes to use the original longer end credits theme, which was mainly used on episodes produced by Klasky-Csupo, Inc.
  • In addition to the Forrest Gump reference, the title is a pun on rump roast.
  • The short music that plays when Homer flashes back to him falling and screaming inside Moe's car sounds different from the original one heard in "Dumbbell Indemnity".
  • The way Maggie says daddy in her flashback of Homer sounds different from the one in "Lisa's First Word".
  • The film grain effects from the clip of Homer chasing Bart with a mace from "Children of a Lesser Clod" is removed. (In its original context, it was part of a film Bart and Lisa edited to expose Homer as the kind of man he actually is.)
Children of a Lesser Clod 93

Children of a Lesser Clod


Gump Roast


  • When Homer remembers his moments with his car, one of the clips (from "Dumbbell Indemnity") shows Homer falling down a hill in Moe's car. This is wrong since that is not Homer's car.
  • During the opening act, Moe impersonates Austin Powers and Dr. Hibbert impersonates Darth Vader. Both are arrested because of an ordinance that banned impersonations of movie characters, although Homer is not arrested for his impersonation of Forrest Gump and Hibbert and Moe later appear at the roast with no explanation. It's possible this was a ruse to distratch Homer so the roast would be a surprise, or that Chief Wiggum got lazy and distracted.
  • In a character error, Dr. Hibbert says "Luke, I am your father." Though this line is frequently quoted in popular culture, including a previous episode, the actual line from The Empire Strikes Back is "No, I am your father."
  • Homer attempts to tell Wiggum about the time Maggie shot Mr. Burns, but he was there when Burns pointed it out.

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