Guss Hubner is a boy from Springfield Elementary School.


During the party in the episode "Pay Pal", Gus, who was the only kid that showed up, revealed he was on Lisa's co-ed soccer team two years ago. It's not known what the relationship between him and Lisa was at the time.


Prior to Pay Pal, Gus was an unnamed character that first appeared with the popular kids in "Stealing First Base". He made a few other appearances in some episodes afterward.

Unlike the majority of the secondary characters, he's made fewer appearances. It is not known what grade he is in or what class he attends. His only speaking role took place in Pay Pal, where he sounds like a high-pitched version of Freddy Quimby.


Gus usually wore a blue shirt with long light blue sleeves and a collar, a long black pants, and black shoes. In Pay Pal, he wore a light blue shirt, brown shorts, blue and white socks, and blue and gray sneakers.



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