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Greetings, good man. Might I trouble you for a drink?
―Guy introduces himself to Moe[src]
Homer? Who is Homer?
―Guy Incognito

Guy Incognito is a man who, except for having a mustache, slightly lighter-colored muzzle and an unusual accent, looks and sounds exactly like Homer.

The resemblance to Homer has proven to be very unfortunate for Guy, as it has gotten him into trouble on at least one occasion.

It’s unknown where Guy lives, though his appearance and manner of speaking suggest he is an English foreigner.


Guy Incognito had the misfortune to visit Moe's Tavern right after Homer had been banned from the establishment. Guy walked in and politely ordered a drink. His speech resembled a poor American imitation of a foreign accent, and he had the look of Homer Simpson in disguise with a fake mustache.

Observant of Guy's uncanny similarity to Homer, and apparently not convinced by his awkward accent, Moe understandably addressed him as "Homer" and told him to leave. Guy asked, "Who is Homer?" and introduced himself as Guy Incognito. Now totally unconvinced by his name and persona, Moe and his customers beat Guy up and tossed him outside knocking him out cold. Homer happened to be walking by and was astounded to see a man who was his exact double, but was then quickly distracted by a dog with a puffy tail[1].


Differences from Homer

Guy Incognito has a mustache and is a snappier dresser than Homer is. His voice is identical to Homer's, and he speaks with a slow, labored English accent.


  • He is possibly descended from Lou Simpson due to their strong similarities.

Behind the Laughter

Guy Incognito's name is a double play on words: "Guy" is a colloquial term for a person whose name isn't known, and "incognito," which literally means "unknown," is a term referring to a person who is in disguise to keep from being recognized. Consequently, when Guy introduces himself to Moe as "Guy Incognito," from Guy's resemblance to Homer, Moe quickly but incorrectly concludes that it's Homer trying to sneak back into the bar.