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The Gypsy is a woman who has a fortune-telling shop in Ethnictown.


The Simpsons meet the Gypsy when they are walking in Ethnictown, see her fortunetelling shop, and go in. The shop has the accouterments one would expect to find in a fortunetelling establishment: a beaded doorway, a crystal ball, Tarot cards, shrunken heads, and so on.

The Gypsy is very streetwise, almost to the point of paranoia. She goes to great lengths to make sure that Marge isn't a cop: "You gotta tell me if you are." The Gypsy's street smarts are vindicated, however, when on first sight of Homer, she "senses" that she shouldn't take a check from him. Homer, for his part, accuses the Gypsy of being a fraud and a fake, and tries to unmask her by tugging at a wart on her nose. The Gypsy's nose and the wart are both real, however, and Homer gets several warts on his thumb from having touched it. Now mad at Homer, the Gypsy orders him to leave.

Homer disdainfully heads for the door. However, the beads in the doorway freak him out. Homer screams and flails about, knocking over all kinds of things—including candles, which starts a fire and sets off the sprinklers, trashing the Gypsy's shop. She then puts a curse on him: "He will bring bad luck to everyone he loves!"

Over the next several days, Homer's family and friends suffer various horrible fates (see below). Moe tells Homer that a Leprechaun can get rid of a curse. When Homer captures a Leprechaun and nothing changes, Lisa suggests that he sic it on the Gypsy. Homer returns to the Gypsy's shop (which is now fully repaired) and does just that. Initially, the Gypsy and the Leprechaun roll around on the floor fighting each other, but the fighting turns to kissing. To Homer's disgust ("Eeeewww! Nasty!"), they've fallen in love.

The Gypsy and the Leprechaun get married

The Gypsy and the Leprechaun end up getting married. Yoda performs the ceremony, and Homer and Marge are in attendance.The Gypsy and the Leprechaun engage in another public make-out session which the crowd first finds to be heartwarming ("Aaawwwww!!") and then nauseating ("Eeeewwww!!").

The Gypsy is not without compassion. She said that she would undo the curses if Homer apologized for trashing her shop, but he refused: "She's not the boss of me."

Curse Victims

Homer's friends and family suffer as follows from the Gypsy's curse:

  • Marge has a beard and mustache the morning after they visit the Gypsy's shop, and she ends up entirely covered with hair.
  • Lisa gradually turns into a centaur.
  • Maggie turns into a ladybug with a human head.
  • Bart's neck stretches (as the result of a strangling from Homer) to the point where he can't hold his head up. He eventually dies by drowning himself in his cereal.
  • Carl and Lenny are killed when a helicopter crashes into Moe's Tavern and lands on top of them.
  • Moe ends up floating inside his suddenly-enlarged pickled egg jar, to Homer's shock: "When did that happen?"