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The Gypsy's Shop is a fortune-telling business located in Ethnictown, an immigrant neighborhood of Springfield. It is owned and operated by the Gypsy.

The Gypsy tells fortunes using a crystal ball, Tarot cards, and other, unspecified means. In addition to the fortune-telling equipment, her shop also has things such as a beaded doorway, shrunken heads, locked chests, a pentagram on the wall, candles on a stand, and all kinds of mysterious-looking books.

The Gypsy runs a very practical, street-smart business and operates under the following principles:

  • If you are a police officer, you have to tell the Gypsy of that fact before she will read your fortune. (She will ask.)
  • The Gypsy will not accept checks from people she deems to be irresponsible or unreliable (such as Homer Simpson).
  • The Gypsy reserves the right to refuse service to people who offend or anger her, Homer again being an example.
  • The Gypsy uses technology as well as magic in her business: The sign in her shop window says "Fortune Teller. After hours use automated teller."


The Simpsons patronize the Gypsy's Shop when Marge comes in to have her fortune read. Homer arrives moments later and the Gypsy immediately senses that she shouldn't accept a check from him. Homer offends her by accusing her of being a fraud, and the Gypsy orders him to leave. When he accidentally trashes her shop (by being freaked out by the doorway beads, knocking over a candle stand, and setting off the sprinklers which soak everything in the place), the Gypsy puts a curse on him.

By the time Homer returns seeking revenge for being cursed, the Gypsy has finished with making repairs to her shop.


Gypsy Fortune Teller Store tapped out
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