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"HOMR", stylized as: "HOMЯ" is the ninth episode of Season 12 (in production order, this is the last episode of the BABF [season 11] episodes).


After losing the family's life savings in the stock market, Homer gets a job as a test subject for scientific experiments, one of which reveals the true reason behind his stupidity: a crayon that got stuck in his brain when he was a child. When Homer gets the crayon surgically removed, he becomes a more intelligent man — and soon learns that being smart doesn't equal being happy.

Full Story[]

Smart Homer

Smart Homer

Don't change the animation festival name. It will constitute to vandalism and possible blocking.

When the family visits the Totally Sick, Twisted, F***ed-Up Animation Festival, Homer discovers Animotion, a motion capture technology that enables a cartoon character to mimic a human's movements, and tries on an Animotion motion capture suit. He likes it so much that he invests the family's life savings in Animotion.

The next day at work, Homer checks his stocks, the operator tells him that Animotion's stock is up by one and one-half. Homer shouts, "Yahoo!" and the operator tells him that Yahoo!'s stocks are up by six and a quarter. Homer says, "Huh? What is this crap?" He is then told that FOX Broadcasting stocks are down by eight, smiling smugly.


Barney showcases the results of his scientific testing

The next day, Homer learns that the Animotion has gone into "super-duper" bankruptcy. In need of a way to regain the lost money, Homer consults his friends at Moe's Tavern for ideas. Barney suggests that he takes a job as a human guinea pig. Homer asks if there's a catch and Barney tells him that there will be a few biological sacrifices, while unbuttoning his shirt to reveal multiple ears that have grown on his chest to Moe's shock. So, to earn the family's life savings money back, Homer takes a job at a medical testing center. During most of the experiments, the doctors gawk in curiosity at how Homer could be so unintelligent that he can barely complete simple tasks. That is, until the doctors view a 3D x-ray of his brain and one of the doctors notices something weird sticking out of his right lobe. After a few minor rotations, it is revealed that the object is a crayon lodged in Homer's brain. They ask Homer how this may have happened and Homer explains that it probably happened when he was six and shoving an entire 16 pack of crayons up his nose and when he sneezed them out he just assume that it was all of them. The doctors then tell him that this might be the cause of his lifelong stupidity. They then explain that they could try to remove the crayon which would either leave him with greatly increased intelligence or dead. After contemplating the risk, Homer agrees to undergo the surgery.

After the crayon is removed, Homer's IQ goes up from 55 to 105 points, which allows him to form a bond with Lisa. Homer gives a speech at Springfield Elementary, where Nelson gives him a fake question, saying, "A-moron-says-what?" Homer responds with, "Not being a moron, I wouldn't know. However, [mumbles]." This tricks Nelson into saying "What?" Homer announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: your moron!" And all the children 'ha-ha!' Nelson.

Drawing of homer

Lisa's drawing of smart Homer

Homer later visits Ned and shows him that while doing his taxes he inadvertently came up with a formula that proves that there is no God. Ned scoffs until he reads it and dejectedly finds that it's completely right. He quickly burns it to prevent the information from getting out, only to see Homer pinning it to car windshields and people already reading it.

Homer then writes a report on the nuclear plant's safety, which results in the plant being temporarily shut down, and the laying off of all employees. Homer's friends, initially thrilled to have a smarter Homer around, quickly reject him, and an effigy of Homer is even burned at Moe's Tavern, which he is not allowed in. Homer goes to Lisa asking why he is unhappy even though he's smart, she tries to explain, with the aid of a graph, that as you get smarter, happiness decreases. Homer decides to put a crayon back in his brain, the scientists at the lab say they can't do that but with the aid of Moe, who says he is an unlicensed surgeon, and describes the procedure as "the old Crayola oblongata". Homer arrives home his old, dumb, self, which initially disappoints Lisa. However, she finds a letter Homer wrote to her before the surgery, explaining that he now understands what it is like to be smart like her, and how much more he appreciates her because of this. When Homer comes into the living room eating a sandwich, Lisa runs up to hug him. Homer mistakes her for wanting his sandwich and pulls away, then saying, "Oh, you want a hug." As they hug, Homer takes another bite of his sandwich and says, "Mmm... hug."


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