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Hail to the Cat is a Simpsons Comic Strip. It is in Simpsons Comics 87 in the US, Simpsons Comics 90 in Germany, Simpsons Comics 86 in Italy and Simpsons Comics 97 and the Simpsons Treasure Trove 2 in the UK.


The Whole of Springfield is broke, with the police laying off employees, Springfield Elementary using Infotainment Weekly for its history lessons, Arnie Pye doubling up as the mail-man, and the Court Jury being replaced by a wheel of fortune. Mayor Quimby however, is apparently hocking up all the money. As a school project, Lisa decides to run a mock election between Snowball II and Santa's Little Helper. Ralph then accidentally sticks Snowball II election posters all around town, having the citizens of Springfield believe it is a real election, thus voting Snowball into Office. Lisa then 'translates' for the mayor, simply saying what she believes is right, calling a law into life which states that new mayors can cancel out any part of the constitution, subsequently banning all guns. This leads to a British Invasion, having Springfield fall under a British flag, and become a British city, with every law being replaced by its English equivalent. The Springfieldians then start the New Revolutionary War, to try and chase the British out of town, to which the British retort by throwing hot chips at them. With the Springfield citizens all about ready to surrender, Lisa saves the day by simply politely asking the British to leave. With Springfield reinstated as an American city with Quimby as its Mayor, the British head back to England.


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