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The "Halloween Stage" is the stage that is seen at the beginning of a few Treehouse of Horror episodes.


The stage is first seen when Marge warns the viewers that the following program may give their children nightmares, so she suggests the adults to "tuck your children into bed tonight instead of writing us angry letters tomorrow" if they have sensitive children. She then thanks them for their attention.[1]

Marge is seen on the stage again and mentions that before last year's Halloween show, she warned the adults not to let their children watch, but they did anyway. She then explains that this year's Halloween show is even worse, because it's more scarier, more violent, and has bad language (which Marge thinks that they snuck that in). She then tells the adults to tuck their children in and if they didn't listen to her last time, they're not going to now. She then tells the viewers to enjoy the show.[2]

The stage is seen once again, but Homer enters into it instead of Marge, and his silhouette stands next to Alfred Hitchcock's silhouette. He appears from the silhouettes and warns the viewers that the following episode could scare certain viewers, especially religious viewers (as he believes). He then requests for the television to be off before daring the viewers while initiating a chicken. Eventually, the screen shuts off as if it was a television turning off. Homer and Marge can be heard, but not seen at this point before the episode starts.[3]

The stage appears for the last time as Marge appears and explains to viewers how scary this Treehouse of Horror episode is. She then gets a letter from the Congress saying that this episode is so scary that it could not be shown.[4]



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