Halloween of Horror
Treehouse of Horror XXVI

Cultural References


  • This episode is the first fully canon Halloween-themed episode and is also currently the only Halloween special to not be part of the Treehouse of Horror-series.
  • This episode was rated TV-14.
  • Homer gives false advice to the viewers to what they would expect in "Treehouse of Horror XXVI".
  • Post credits scene: Maggie finds Tailee and the Halloween theme plays as the camera zooms in Maggie's eye pupil.
  • In the UK this episode can't be aired before the 9PM Watershed because of the lyrics and the costume designs in the song Grown Up Halloween


  • When Homer sits on the couch to calm Lisa down, he puts a popcorn bowl beside her, but when the three former employees ring the doorbell, the bowl disappears and Homer sets a puzzle box on its place.
  • The products at Apu's Halloween store change places between scenes.
  • After Homer tells Lisa to plug in the decorations, Homer cries for help, but his mouth is not moving.
  • Bernice’s Angel costume changes from white to purple when Marge returns to Everscream Terrors.
  • When Homer and Lisa are running upstairs in panic because of the intruders, Tailee disappears from Lisa's hand. It reappears when they are upstairs.
    • The same mistake occurs when Lisa is climbing onto the roof: Tailee disappears when Homer is holding her and reappears when she gives it to Homer.

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