Aye, that's Handsome Pete, he dances for nickels!
Sea Captain[src]

Handsome Pete is a strange, diminutive character who plays the concertina, and whose face resembles a distorted Krusty the Clown.


When Bart is looking for Krusty, he blows up a balloon with Krusty's face on and asks the Sea Captain if he'd seen him. The Captain, on seeing the skewed image of Krusty on the balloon, mistook him for Pete.[1]

He was also seen on the Springfield Docks in "Kidney Trouble", and watching Russ Cargill's speech when the Dome was placed on Springfield.[2]. He was also seen in the angry mob that was after Homer for poisoning the lake, and trapping everybody in the dome.


  • According to The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family, "he's not that handsome".
  • Attentive viewers can also see another reference to how Handsome Pete helped Bart and Lisa find out Krusty (as well as Krusty's reputation for not honoring debts). Captain McAllister's business (The Sea Cap'ns Bait 'n Barg'n B'n) had a sign saying "DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS FROM THESE BUCCANEERS" with several bounced checks. One such returned check was signed "Rory B. Bellows", the postmortem alias of Krusty, in the same elaborate style Krusty was known for. The check reads "Pay to the order of H Pete".
  • The song he plays is "The Sailor's Hornpipe".




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