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Hardly Kirk-ing
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"Hardly Kirk-ing" is the thirteenth episode of Season 24.


An "epoxy fight" gone a little too far, along with a tie that is a little too tight, makes Milhouse look and sound just like his father; Homer gets a little too involved with picture search books.

Full Story

Bart, Lisa and Maggie are watching a children's TV show called Baby Poindexter which Bart and Lisa used to watch when they were babies. With Homer also watching the show, Marge quickly switches it to educational TV but immediately forbids the family from watching TV for a day (after seeing people catch fish with their own hands). Marge eventually takes them to a book shop for Maggie. Meanwhile, Homer becomes addicted to a children's search book. Bart gets bored and hangs out at Milhouse's. Bart starts an epoxy fight but it sticks to Milhouse's hair. Bart shaves Milhouse's hair and he immediately resembles his father, Kirk Van Houten. Bart begins to teach Milhouse the ways of being an adult. Bart then uses a tie to deepen Milhouse's voice into sounding like Kirk's voice. Milhouse contacts Homer on Skype and forces him to make Lisa go to the prom with him in ten years and to eat a gallon of ice cream in under two minutes.

Milhouse and Bart rent a truck, which Milhouse crashes into a tree. They rent another one and buy magazines of nude women and cigarettes for the bullies. Milhouse refuses to vote for more money for the school but Principal Skinner and Superintendent Charmers force him to do so before leaving. Milhouse and Bart begin to hang out at Moe's and they find Moe's tail which he had ever since he was born. Back at the Simpsons, Maggie is so desperate to watch TV, but Marge carries on reducing it. After Lisa is not allowed to go to the Jazz in Downtown Springfield, Bart and Milhouse hitch a ride to go there. Homer carries on highlighting the children's search book, even managing to find Marge's ear ring.

After discovering that the kids are missing, Homer uses his search knowledge to search for all three kids. Bart, Milhouse and Lisa go to a hotel to eat free breakfast. Homer and Marge arrive with Kirk Van Houten and Milhouse is forced to apologize but cheers up Kirk after saying that he enjoyed being his father. After the Van Houtens walk off, Homer pleads Bart never to look like him. Bart simply responds, "I sure hope not." Homer unleashes a powerful strangle on Bart, commenting, "That's not a heart-warming scene to end on!"


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