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This article is about the Harry Potter character on The Simpsons. For the article discussing Harry Potter references on the show, please see Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is a fictional character from the Harry Potter series of books and films.


He is seen when Moe and the others in the bar are watching Harry Potter and compliment his broom work, but Moe thinks that he shouldn't be playing Quidditch when there are still four of the seven Horcruxes yet to be found.

Harry Potter was also referenced by Homer when he renamed Plopper the pig Harry Plopper.


He was first seen when the Bart and Lisa attend Wizardry School and Mrs Krabappel asked him if he was chewing gum, he answered no and said that it was brimstone, and then blew a bubble of fire to prove it.

In one of Bart's fantasies, there is a line of people waiting to "Kiss Bart's Butt". Harry Potter is standing at the back of this line.

In The Simpsons Game the New Grand theft scratchy game comes out and when Marge and Lisa try to banned it Martin appears with Ned's Stolen car and tell them he's gonna go Harry Potter on their butts.

Before the Events of Mob Rules Krusty was going to Audition for the role of the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in the Next Potter movie which being in the Mob keeps Krusty for doing so.

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Behind the Laughter

  • The Harry Potter character on The Simpsons is an obvious reference to Harry Potter, the wizard from the fantasy novel and film series of the same name.
  • In the films, Harry Potter is portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe, who appeared in the episode "Treehouse of Horror XXI" as the vampire Edmund.
  • The movie Moe and the barmates were watching is called Harry Potter and the Neclace of Amulets, a fictional Harry Potter movie.