There Will Be Buds
Havana Wild Weekend
Dad Behavior

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode is a reference to the film Catch Us If You Can, released as "Having a Wild Weekend" in the US.
  • The Blackboard gag "Being right sucks" is a reference to the supposed prediction that Donald Trump would become President of the United States made in the Season 11 episode Bart to the Future.
  • The song Chan Chan by the Cuban group Buena Vista Social Club plays during Grampa's car ride through the Cuban town.
  • Vulture's Nest is an obvious parody of Shark Tank. Also, Mr. Burns' nickname "Mr. Excellent" is a play on Kevin O'Leary's nickname "Mr. Wonderful."
  • The car Grampa was riding in through the Cuban town is a 1958 Oldsmobile 88.
  • One of the legal reasons to visit Cuba is "really love Gloria Estefan".
  • During the couch gag, Lisa is reading Homer's Odyssey.
  • The car owner mentions a study made by professor Ellen Langer about aging called "Counterclockwise", where old people who were exposed to late '50s culture were more active than the ones who weren't.


  • This is the second episode with the title referencing to Catch Us If You Can (a.k.a. Having a Wild Weekend). The first was Catch 'Em if You Can.
  • Bart tags his "El Barto" tags in Cuba as "The Bart".
  • Sideshow Bob wears his Italian tenor outfit from The Italian Bob.
  • This is the second time Homer has been to Cuba, the first was in The Trouble with Trillions.


  • Homer's car disappears when Chief Wiggum leaves Skid Row.
  • When the plane took off, everyone on board (excluding Isabella and Grampa) stood up or at least didn't have a seat belt on, meaning they would be severely injured or even killed.
  • Bart’s legs outside of his shoes.

    When Bart was showing Homer and Abe that black hole prank, his legs aren’t inside his shoes.


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