Gone Boy
Haw-Haw Land
Frink Gets Testy
Otto: I brought my stems.
(Otto opens his coat to reveal a bag with stems in it)
Security Guard: Sir, this is a conference of science, technology, engineering, and math. (The points to a STEM sign)
(Otto walks to a DOPE sign)
Otto: But what about this one?
(Dr. Hibbert walks out of the room next to the DOPE sign)
Dr. Hibbert: Dialogue on pedriatric education.

(Mr. Burns is at a booth named "NUCLEAR POWER: NOW COMPLETELY SAFE". Professor Frink walks up to the booth)
Jonathan Frink: I find this claim highly doyvic!
Mr. Burns: It's all true, according to the highly prestigious Institute for Purchased Science. Here's our top scientist now!
(Smithers walks in wearing a lab coat and fake mustache)
Smithers: Sir, I don't think this is fooling anyone.
Mr. Burns: Quiet! And put on the monocle, Professor Meanenstrudle!
(Smithers sighs and puts on his monocle)

Lisa: This is my Woodstock! (laughs drunkenly)
Marge: Are you okay, honey?
Lisa: It's fine, it's fine. I'm just intellectually drunk.
Marge: Hmmmm, I guess that's okay.
Lisa: Marge, Marge, Marge. You lighten up. It's science.
Marge: Maybe you should sit down.
Lisa: I ain't sittin'. I'm ready to fly!
(Lisa dances around while Marge murmurs in worry)

(Bart is at a booth named "Visible Man" with a display of the upper body. Bart takes out the heart and hacky sacks with it. He then aims it back in the hole with his head)
Chemical engineer: Hey, kid! I want to show you something.
Bart: Are you a pervert?
Chemical engineer: No, a chemical engineer. (he shows Bart a booth named "Chemistry: The Science of Goo (and Glop)")
Bart: Nooooo-huh-huh-hoooooo!

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