Gone Boy
Haw-Haw Land
Frink Gets Testy
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Cultural References

  • The episode's title is a reference to the 2016 musical movie La La Land although according to Marge it was supposed to be a parody of Moon Light. Nelson's catchphrase 'Ha Ha!' is used in the title as well, but is spelled as "Haw Haw".



Marge and Homer went to the talent show, Patty and Selma were there, but Maggie isn’t with Marge and Homer.

It is unknown how Superintendent Chalmers’ tip of the tongue was repaired again in future episodes.

Before attending the talent show, Homer states that he needs to finish writing his will. On his will, he simply writes "I HAVE NOTHING". Homer's will can be seen two episodes previous, in Mr. Lisa's Opus when Lisa is digging through Marge's closet.

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